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Developer, leader and digital designer

Developer, web designer, and manager with nearly 15 years of experience, and currently the Chief Product Officer at Flovver. Over the past few years, I have supervised multidisciplinary teams and successfully completed several technology projects. I am recognized for my ability to innovate, my attention to detail, and my leadership. Driven by a constant desire to broaden my horizons, I easily adapt to different environments, allowing me to successfully carry out ambitious projects in various contexts.

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The way we interact with technology has always fascinated me. I often repeat that it must be easy to use, well thought out and quick to master. Think accessibility and solidity, with a simplified user experience.

The user is constantly at the heart of my thoughts: a digital project must be designed for its audience. That's my motto. As craftsmen of the digital space, I believe we have a responsibility to build something viable, effective, and durable.

It's important to me that each projects gives me the opportunity to exchange, experiment, and share ideas. Determined and possessing a wide range of expertise, I am able to navigate between planning, programming and execution.


Web Applications

Laravel web application development. Expertise in Vue JS + Inertia and efficient database schema design.

Team Coaching

Consulting for design and development teams. Offering advice, support, and organizational guidance to optimize processes.

UX/UI Design

Content modeling, wireframing and UI design. Expertise in crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.


Craft CMS website development. Specializing in large-scale, modern, and accessible websites with a focus on performance.

Systems Architecture

AWS-based systems architecture. Tailoring the right resources and architecture based on project needs.

Custom Features

Specialized feature development. Capabilities include custom API integration, product configurators, shipping calculators, etc.

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