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Overdog FN

Library of functions including a search with dynamic suggestions, advanced filters, several navigations and basic elements for the design of websites or web applications with Craft CMS.

Overdog ST

Starting point for any new web project using Craft CMS. This base includes several best practices, an opinionated configuration of Tailwind CSS, and compilation functions with Webpack.

Sailor CSS

Customizable SCSS library using variables. This project has been depreciated, but the idea behind the fraction-based spacing system is frequently used by many people through a Tailwind CSS configuration.

Cloudfront Signed URLs for Craft CMS

Plugin for Craft CMS that provides AWS Cloudfront signed URLs in Twig template files. Used to secure access to documents in several portals.

Switcher for Craft CMS

Plugin for Craft CMS that provides a flexible and easy-to-use sites/locales switcher for Craft CMS.

AWS Image Handler URLs for Craft CMS

Plugin for Craft CMS to easily use in Twig the in-demand AWS serverless image handler.


Valiform is a lightweight, data-attribute driven JavaScript library for form validation. Its library-agnostic design ensures seamless integration, while offering high customizability and ease of use

Tailwind CSS Fluid Properties

Plugin for Tailwind CSS that allows you to create a fluid value for several CSS properties. Unlike other plugins, it does not use the clamp() property which has limited support.
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